Retractable Greenhouses



The Retractable Greenhouse is the most efficient and eco-friendly that FFG offers. Utilizing the effects of passive cooling and full environmental control systems - monitoring the leaf surface and soil temperatures - this greenhouse is strictly for the professional farmer.


Forever Flowering automated light deprivation greenhouses allow you to extend or shorten your growing season at the flip of a switch, using automated control systems to optimize your greenhouse for the growing conditions that you choose – regardless of the weather!

Light Deprivation greenhouse models are available in a variety of sizes so the only limit is your imagination. Get the best of both worlds with our automated retractable roof and rollup sidewalls.


To "light-dep" a plant allows it to flower in a time of year that it would not naturally flower. Our automated, retractable blackout curtain system blocks light and can also be used to prevent light pollution (when using lights to extend the vegetative stage of a plant). The blackout curtain is breathable and allows moisture to escape the growing area.

A 20-amp circuit runs the basic greenhouse, making remote solar system installations a jiffy. A lumen meter allows you to automatically use the free power of the sun and supplement with artificial lighting, reducing the high electricity costs of grow light usage.

Rain gutters allow you to harness nature's abundant water supply. Optional internal roll-up walls allow vegetative and flowering stages in the same greenhouse.

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Environmental Control

Whether you just want a simple control panel to operate the walls, curtains, and roof, or the capability of a complete atmospheric control unit from your PC, Forever Flowering provides these possibilities and everything in between.