FFG Hobby Greenhouses

Snap & Grow

The FFG Snap & Grow offers a "no-screws" fast and easy assembly, heavy-duty aluminum frame for a S&G-8x8-green(1).jpgdurable structure and state-of-the-art design with crystal clear panels. They are covered with UV-protected impact-resistant polycarbonate, and feature rust and corrosion-free aluminum frame components. They are available in 2 frame colors and 2 width options.

Nature Hybrid

FFG Nature Hybrid greenhouses merge a smart and clean design with simple assembly and improved use. PanelsHybrid-6x6-Silver(3).jpg slide into the aluminum frame and are locked without any additional parts. Nature Hybrid greenhouses include a galvanized steel base and hinged door. Two kinds of polycarbonate panels create a balance of sunlight exposure during the day.

Green Giant

The FFG Green Giant is designed specifically for year-round use, featuring twin wall 6mm translucent greengiant1.jpgpolycarbonate glazing panels to create superb insulation and protection for your plants. Kits include roof vents and side louver windows, with optional heavy-duty greenhouse base foundation, automatic roof vent openers, and automatic louver window openers. Rated at 1100 lb snow load and 80 mph wind.


The FFG Majestic sits at 7' 6" tall, giving ample headroom, but has a slim profile to fit into a narrower hobby1.jpgspace. With a PVC resin durable frame and 6mm twin walled polycarbonate side panels, it offers superior strength, safety, light diffusion and heat isolation and can withstand winds of up to 80 mph a 1,100 lb snow load! Expandable, too!


The FFG Sunroom is practical, space-saving lean-to style greenhouse. Like all of our other greenhouses, the white-sun2.jpgSunroom utilizes our easy Push-Fit No-Tool construction to make assembly a breeze. It also shares the same durable high-strength resin frame that is proven to handle large snow loads, high winds, and other wear and tear easily. Rated at 1100 lb snow load and 80 mph wind.


FFG Prestige greenhouses contain opaque polycarbonate panels on the roof sections and clear side panels to bothprestige5.jpg protect your plants from the sun and provide the rich look of an all glass greenhouse. The FFG Prestige offers a full 8 ft. of inside headroom with French doors that are a full 6 ft. 9 in. high for easy entry. Rated at 1100 lb snow load and 80 mph wind.

Hobby Gardener

The FFG Hobby Gardener Series offers a perfect weather-resistant combination: smooth, strong, totallyS&G-6x10-Green(2).jpgmaintenance-free resin framework with tough safety glazing. It provides UV protection, proper air circulation, heat control, simple push-fit assembly, and is fully insulated with 4mil double wall polycarbonate. Rated at 1100 lb snow load and 80 mph wind. Compact but roomy, the attractive barn-shape design gives more headroom and growing space than the traditional A-shaped greenhouse. The GH 40 series, at 8 foot 6 inches wide, is a little larger than the GH30 series.


Each of our Hobby series models have a variety of accessories that suit your greenhouse needs. These include:

  • Base Kits
  • Extension Kits
  • Dual Door Kits
  • Auto Window Openers
  • Louvre Windows
  • Roof Windows/Vents
  • Automated vent arms
  • Shade Nets
  • Shelving and Benches
  • Plant Hangars
  • Anchor Kits
  • Solar Lights
  • Shutter Fans
  • Reinforcement Kits

Accessories for the Snap&Grow and Hybrid models can be found on the Hobby Greenhouse Accessories page.  Those for the other models can be found on the Barn Roof Style Accessories page.